by sonya amende
(taieri mouth new zealnd)

She is a short haired white kitten 6mths old and the weirdest cat that we have ever had. She has a loud meow and a rotory hoe of a purr. She chases the vacuum cleaner while it is going.

She loves to eat tomatoes and lettuce and of all things watermelon. She is the first to the food and the last to leave and pushes all the other cats out of the way until all the food is gone then she will walk away and let the others in.

She is also very smart we are renovating at the moment and have scaffolding out the side of the house and a small hole near the roof, she found out if she climbs to the top of the scaffolding and thru the hole along the eves then she can make it inside even though I have already put her out 5 times so the last time she just jumps in bed with one of the kids and sleeps under the covers. We are not sure if she can't hear or if she has selective hearing and does what she wants when she wants. Sometimes she climbs right up to your face and looks in to your eyes almost straight through to your sole and then attacks your eye lashes.

She seems to love the smell of macracarpa and petrol because she went crazy one my husbands overalls after he finished cutting the hedge like it was cat nip it was so funny cause he was still wearing them. Its like she has no fear she plays with dogs who want to chase her she jumps into any old car that happens to be open. All this and she is only 6mths old , I can't wait to see what the rest of her life brings.

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Apr 06, 2010
Nice Cat Name
by: Anonymous

Unique name for your cat. My past girlfriend's pet was named Nala. It was a puppy though and she lived in Nepean, ON. This story made me smile. Thanks. Sheldon

Mar 27, 2010
What an active kitty you have!
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Sonya,

Thank you for sharing this lovely story of your cat Nala. It seems like you have your hands full with this one. I had smile on my face while I was reading your story, especially when you said that she may have selective hearing.

She's quite a bundle of energy. And like you said, she's only 6 months old.

One thing is for sure, you won't be bored!


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