My world, Quimby. :)

by Kayla
(GA, US)

Well, when I was about 10 or so, my step sister had found a dog on the side of the road and amazingly she talked our parents into letting her keep the little black mutt, an his name is now jack. :) After a while had past, my step brother as well wanted a pet of his own, so my step mother took him to this animal shelter where she takes our family dog lily to get check ups and ended up adopting a blue russian, her name is now molly. :) With this all happening, i had always wanted a pet to call my own, I originally wanted a dog because im more of a dog type person. Well, my step mom had taken me to the shelter to look at all the pets that they had there.

As I was very curious of looking at cats, I was walking past the cages and stop at this one FULL of solid white kittens. :D They were all sisters, I told my step mom that I had wanted one of the white kittens instead of a dog.

While I was looking at all of them trying to figure out which one I wanted, I seen one with A green eye and the other blue. Immediately, I wanted her! After the fact and her coming home with me, I have fallen completely in love with her as if she was my own child. She sleeps with me and everything. :) Now I am 14 years young and plan on quimby being by my side till i'm old! ^_^

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Jan 29, 2010
A wonderful story
by: Anonymous

Hi Kayla,

Thank you for sharing Quimby's story. I'm sure you have a friend for life. White cats are so beautiful. I've never forgotten my family cat (he was a gorgeous white cat), even though so many years have passed.

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