My White Triples

by Anne Witmer
(Deltaville, va., USA)

My husband and I went to the local animal shelter. There we found three white kittens. They were taken to the shelter because all three had tufs of black fur on the top of their heads. We adopted all three because we have a poor view of people who breed cats and get rid of them when they aren't born in there idea as perfect.

We named them Hope, Fath, and Charity. They were the most adorable kittens we ever saw. All three got kennel flu and ironically the black tufs of fur on the top of their heads fell out. When the fur grew back i was snow white.

What is so sad about white cats is that they do not occurr in nature. The white cat is a result of human breeding. They don't occurr in nature because without color they have no protection from the sun and most of them end up with skin cancer and sunburn. They also have no way of blending into the backgound for protection from other animals.

I have 2 of my white cats with skin cancer. One had to have her ear removed. Humans can't seem to let the perfection of God's creations alone. When they foce changes in nature's creations, humans end up making what they change sick and suffer horribly. What nature makes is not only perfect in it's beauty,it makes that beauty a wonderous protection.

I hope this story is not only a cute one, but teaches people to think twice before doing things that are cruel to the cats that put all of their trust in us.

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