my white kitties Rydder and Lil Bobby

by katie-marie
(middleburg Fl)

well lets start with lil bobby his birthday is may 21 2009 he is a two year old solid white kitty that is loved soooo much by me and my husband bobby... yep thats right my kitty is named after my hubby.... see i was pregnant with myson when we got our first white kitty... lil bobby was my lil napping buddy during the remainder of my pregnancy he ate pop cycles with me he laid on my belly when i would sit down and he basically played with my unborn baby and he got named after my hubby because he acted just like him... we recently got our second white kitty named rydder and he got his name because he love a ride in the car he is almost 8 weeks old he's also like our first white kitty he loves to sleep with us at night he loves our two year old little boy occasionally ill walk into our sons room and both rydder and our son are fast asleep in the crib....rydder loves to eat especially chocolate cup cakes... he also loves to eat blue cheese dressing on cucumbers he loves to eat ants on a log (celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins) both of my solid white kitties have blue eyes and they are both also polydactyl kitties.... We love our kitties very much...

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Jul 12, 2011
Interesting white kitties Rydder & Lil Bobby
by: Yvonne

Hi Katie-marie
I enjoyed reading your story. It's so funny how these two lucky cats gets so much attention. Lil Bobby eats popcycles, LOL! Rydder has qualities that are quite common with my Jenibelle. I too have a white solid female cat with blue eyes but she is deaf. Jenibelle rides with us into town on short errands and she too loves chocolate. Jenibelle is on this website if you like to read about her. I think white cats are beautiful,amazing and mystical creatures. It's wonderful that Rydder and Lil Bobby have a family to grow with and live a healthy happy life. I would love to see a picture of these two furry felines:-) I just bet they are cute and adorable:-)

Jul 11, 2011
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Katie-Marie,

Thank you for sharing the story of your two white kitties. They must be adorable. And I love the names. I'm sure your husband is honored to share his name with a lovely feline:)

I'd love to see pictures of both of them. white cats are so beautiful.

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