My white Kittie saved my life

by Rachelle
(Homer, Alaska)

Gussaq which is Alaskan Native for white, saved my life. In her own way she alerted me to the fact that I had cancer. She like most cats enjoys snoozing in bags, blanket, and other tunnel like entitys. Unlike most cats, she is hard to move when she snuggles up against you while you are sleeping at night. Last year during thw winter time, she kept laying on my left side. She buried her head against my arm pit. No matter how much I would mover her, she always found her way back to that site. Then one day I noticed a bump on my chest. Thinking it was a spider bite, I blew it off. A few days later I went to the Dr. for an annual physical, I had a routine mammogram that later produced a tumor that apparently been growing for quite a period of time, I had a biopsy, it was positive, and the long process of tx began. It was stage 3 breast cancer, I am in remission. I owe her my life because of her actions.

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May 24, 2011
Amazing Cat
by: Claudia-Admin

Hi Rachelle,

What an amazing story. I'd heard about dogs diagnosing diseases (even alerting their owners of imminent seizures), but I'd never heard about cats doing the same. I think that we know so little about the special powers our furry friends have that every time we hear about a story like yours it seems like a miraculous thing. I'm so happy to hear that your cat saved your life. I wish you a long, healthy and happy life together.

Thanks for sharing!

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