My ultra special cat!

by Lucy
(East Coast of Canada)

Hi, I was entering the supermarket one day 5 years ago, and saw a woman with a rabbit cage full of multicolor kitties. She held one out to me and it was pure white with blue eyes. I asked if he was deaf, she said no, and I grabbed him! He was tiny (probably barely 6 wks), and screamed his head off as I quickly ran to get kitten food and milk, and a mini litter box - it's a wonder the store didn't kick me out before I had a chance to check out, but they didn't. Of course I didn't get my other items that day, but who cared! Well, I kept him separate from my other 3 cats at first, snuggled into the open hind legs of a seated big teddy I have, but after a week or so decided to let him into the main part of the house while keeping a very close eye on things. Well! The first thing that happened was that he (Goblin) spotted my sweet Russian blue male Plato, who spotted him at the same time from down a 10' hallway. I was very afraid for Goblin, as Plato seemed to think we were married :-). But before I had time to do anything, Goblin took off straight at Plato, who sat down, opened his arms and just let Goblin rush in and be held! Goblin took off again, did a U turn and charged Plato a second time, with the same result, and the two were best friends for life! How lucky can you get?

Well Goblin grew up (Plato's now gone) to be the most incredible hunk (if he was human, I know he'd be Mr. Universe). He's pure white all over, not a speck of anything else but pink, and does have light blue eyes. He's quite tall and perfectly proportioned as well as having muscular definition in his shoulders, but without being musclebound. His body is slender and his back has a beautiful curve, plus his feet and legs are large and strong. He definitely seems to have at least some oriental in him, with his just very slightly pointed face and almost tilted eyes, as well as the long, beautiful body, but I'll never know, of course. I've had and seen lots of cats in my life, but never such a perfectly 'designed' one as him. If we were anywhere close to a place with shows, I might have taken him in to show, but we're not so I haven't but fantasize about judges taking one look and being in awe!

His personality is unaggressive (can be submissive with my little toughy of a black cat) and he's very quiet, though will vocalize when necessary. His hearing is 100% and while he's not a lap cat, will stay in your arms if you hold him. What more can I say, except that I think I found the world's most gorgeous cat! ]

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Aug 30, 2009
An special cat indeed
by: Claudia - Admin

Lucy, thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I agree that your kitty (according to your description) is a most handsome feline. And I love his name!

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