My tuxedo cat also named Socks

by Baylee

My kitty cat Socks will love everyone, and he is so sweet and, caring, and he will know when your sad then he will come to you meow, and then start to rub on you, want you pet him, and just love on you SSOOOOOOOOOO much!

I wish him, and I could live forever so we could be together forever.

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Oct 04, 2011
So sweet
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Baylee,

Socks sure is a sweet cat. How wonderful to have such a loving furry friend. My cat Mia was like that. She was very sweet and knew when you were having a difficult time. She would come and sit with you, purr and rub against you. I miss her so much.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Sep 22, 2011
white socks
by: Yvonne

Hello Baylee,

I think your Socks is a smart kitty cat. Socks can handle any mood that arises. Your kitty cat will stand by you thru happy or sad times. Your so blessed to have such a sweet friendship with your Socks.I would love to see a picture of the lovely Socks!

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