my story of Moses

by michael archambeau
(springfield, ohio, usa)

one night in late February or 2010, i was walking in the snow. all of a sudden i hear this squeek. come to find out it was this small black and white cat. he laid down by my feet and began to rub up on me and purr. then he laid down again and stared at me purring. i wondered if he was a stray or someone's pet. so i picked him up and put him in my coat because it was very cold. he kept purring. then i stop and set him down to see what he would do. he sat on his hind and stared at me purring. i take ten steps and hear him squeek again and he ran up to me. so i brought him home. the next day i went to the vet to see if he was chipped or reported missing. he was not so i got him his shots and all the rest. ever since he has been such a great companion. he is kind of like a dog. he follows me and is very smart. he fetches also. he listens to commands when i call him. Moses is a blessing.

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Oct 23, 2010
Moses Rescued-- again!
by: Jean from Tennessee

Sorry Michael, I read the stories out of order and read this one after I looked at the one with the three pictures of your cats and asked if Moses was the tabby who lays on the Bible.

Anyway, Moses is a very handsome fellow and he has a very special story. He's apparently the proverbial "squeaky" wheel that gets the grease I guess. I'm glad you rescued him and got to keep him and that he now has a home with you and the other two lovely kitties.

Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for picking Moses up that night!

Oct 22, 2010
He chose you
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Michael,

What a lovely story. My brother also "found" two of his kitties in a similar manner. Actually, they followed my sister-in-law to their home. I guess they just knew they had found their family.

I'm not surprised Moses acts like a dog. Tuxedos are very smart. I read an article that tuxedos are smarter than your average cat. And Moses is there to prove it!

Thanks for sharing Moses' story and picture. He's very handsome.

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