my male cat banned from the house for spraying with new kitten..Help!!!

by alice



I have 2 male cats that are not fixed yet 1 is 3 years old orange tabby cat 1 is about a year grey striped ,,we just recently got a new white kitten that I had posted before named manson ,,,,We have had a really hard time because I plan on spaying all 3 but wont be for a few weeks when I have the money ,,we have had the kitten for about a month now ,,and both of our cats come in and try to spray ,,,,I have heard it may stop when they get fixed its been cold lately and I feel terrible because me and roscoe the problem child grey ,,,,sits outside the door till I get home at night I feed him and pet him but he cries to get inside ,,,,we had a special bond before the kitten ,,,and Im at a loss dont know what to do..Im still not sure about making our white kitty a house cat or introduce him to the outside a lady that works in a pet store mentioned that white cats are prone to skin cancer ,,,for me to be careful.....My point is I dont want to loose the bond me and roscoe had ,,,but I cant have male cats spraying in my house ,,,he has always been skinny ,,,now he has bulked up to super kitty and his meow sounds broke,,,,,,is that the hormones,,,from him reaching his kitty peak,,,,???...well hope this made some sense and if anyone has any ideas ,,,,would love to hear from you..alice in florida

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Feb 10, 2011
Girls can be a problem too!
by: Jean from Tennessee

You have my deepest sympathies! My female spayed cat Star is a problem when it comes to using the litter box too. She has fixated on the bathroom cabinet doors. Out of desperation I put down some housebreaking pads and even tape them to the front of the cabinet doors. That has made the problem at least easier to clean up! It also has reduced the odor issue. I can't banish her from the house because she was declawed before I adopted her. She has accepted the training pads without difficulty. Wish I had more to suggest.

Claudia is right: Marking territory is his issue. He will have to be neutered, as you are well aware and already planning to do. Good luck to all of you.

Feb 09, 2011
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Alice,

It seems like Roscoe is marking his territory. Cats start spraying when they reach sexual maturity and the behavior can get worst when a new cat enters the equation. Neutering can be a great help. Most cats (over 80%) stop spraying after they are fixed.

Here are other solutions:

You may use Feliway®, a pheromone product that helps calm cats and decrease unwanted, stress-related cat behavior. You spray this product over the area your cat usually sprays. carries this product. It's a bit pricey, though.

You can also make your own cat repellent by adding a few drops of essential oil to water. Put the liquid into a spray bottle and spray it over the problem area. You can use lemon essential oil. Cats don't like strong odors.

Alternatively, you could sprinkle dried rosemary leaves or cayenne pepper over the area you cat sprays.

I hope these ideas help. But mind you, these are temporary solutions and since each cat is different, they're might not work for your cats.

Keep us posted.

PS - Manson is too adorable for words.

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