My little man, Apollo.

by Kayla
(Bayard, Iowa )

I got my Tuxedo cat Apollo from an animal shelter about two years ago, he had been the on there the longest. Nobody knew why, all the workers loved him and played with him.

When I brought him home he instantly adapted, when I would come home he would be under the bed hiding, until I made eye contact with him then he would come out. A huge sign of trust...

We took him to the vet for his shots and routine check up and the vet told us that he was the most loving cat she had ever had come in , in her 20 years of working there.

Now he does not hide under the bed and we have moved twice since then and every time he just adjusts so so well, which is a relief for me. Every day when I come home he becomes so vocal and loud until I pick him up and hold him.
He memorizes my routines for the day and follows me everywhere. He has never had an accident or done anything notty.

As you would say he is the perfect cat and I love him so so much, if you are thinking about getting a tuxedo cat I would highly suggest it, they are a wonderful breed. The only problem I have with him is that he has a terrible dandrif problem, and i've given him a bath before but it doesn't seem to change anything, but I love him either way.

I don 't know what I would ever do without him....

-Kayla McSpadden

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