My Kitten Minnie

by Anonymous Minnie.

We have a kitten named Minnie, she is black and white, but mostly black, her fur does have a tint of brown to it. She has a pink nose with a black dot on one side of it, the pads of her paws are pink but some of them have black spots on them.

Her eyes are hazel but more to the green side. She has white paws, white on the bridge of her nose,jaw and stomach , thats all there is for white. She is not long haired, she is very shorthaired. She has a good temperament towards other animals and people. She has a curious personality and likes to make her self be heard, whether thats pressing keys on a keyboard till it makes noises or just knocking things over.

Shes very clever and highly active, but she loves to cuddle. When you hold her to your face she likes to put her paws on your head, or sometimes give you a kiss.

But what are your cats personalities like?

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Jul 30, 2011
by: Claudia - Admin


Minnie must be a very special kitty. And lovely, too. Now, to answer your question, my cats have very different personalities. Mia (she passed away in October 2010) was very smart, a true leader and extremely loving. She was also very playful and a good mouser. She was very disciplined when it came to her food schedule. Max on the other hand is very laid back, and a bit messy with his food. He likes to play, too but not as much as Mia. Unlike Mia, Max is very vocal and let's you know what's on his mind.

Thank you for sharing Minnie's story.

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