My feral boy Cricket

by Jennifer
(Las Cruces New Mexico)

I am a RN and was visiting a patient at a assisted living facility. On my way to the locked dementia unit. I saw kittens hopping under the shrubs. They were born feral under the laundry building. I brought back a cat carrier and put food inside. I sat on a nearby bench until Cricket walked in to eat. He was so tiny about 5 to 6 weeks old. I caught him, and took him home. Now, he is an indoor cat and 3 yrs old. He adapted to my other cats very well. he is very verbal, purrs, talks and lifts his tail up curling it when he walks, prancing about. There fore he has nick names "Sir Prancelot" "Lord of the Prance" and the short name for cricket KiKah.
I take pictures to the residents and they ask about him every time I visit. His litter mates were not so lucky. The facility tells me 2 were killed and the mother cat left the area. I reported the kittens to a local adoption organization but by the time they got there all kitties were gone. Cricket whistles when he purrs like a real cricket. I am loved, purred at, sclermed ( rubbing his head on my face) every day. That is one less homeless sweet kitty in the world. I am very lucky!

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Mar 29, 2013
by: Ken

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your story. You made my
day. He looks like a Tuxedo Cat. They
are very intelligent and have lots of
personality. I had one but Fatso
passed away 2 yrs ago. I think of him
often. I still look for white and
black hairs in carpets.

Mar 29, 2013
You are a Very Special Person!
by: Merlin's Mom, Groucho's Grandma

First of all, Cricket is beautiful. He looks alot like my Minnie Pearl (Named because I'm pretty sure she is a munchkin cat, and I haven't posted her on this site yet.) Second, my daughter works for the HSNT animal shelter in Fort Worth. I can't go in there anymore. It's overwhelming. She brought 11 tiny pups home to foster overnight a couple of weeks ago. We were up (3 of us) bottle-feeding them all night. Their eyes weren't even open! She took them the next day to the true foster. I learned later, they put some of them down. Too many for a person to foster and bottle feed every two hours. It made me sick! Your amazing selfless act of going for the carrier, driving back and waiting to get even one tiny kitty is amazing. I commend you! It may be only one that made it, but look how much love he gives and how much joy he has for life. Thank you for reminding me that there are wonderful people out there fighting the good fight to save them even one at a time.

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