My Charlie Baby

by Kelliann

My cat Charlie is by far the best, most unique cat I have ever had the pleasure in owning. He has medium length hair but is the biggest cat. He weighs in at almost 30lbs! And is almost 4 years old. But in the morning while I'm getting ready he opens my cracked door, hops on my bed and demands love. And when i pet him his purr is bird like. High pitched. And he drools. But he will stick up his nose to my lips when i say kisses. He only does it to me. And sometimes when he's really pleased with loves he will bite my nose. He is also very noisy. His meow is so loud and he won't stop unless you give him what he wants. And that's usually outside.Or when he wants num nums (wet food) He is so tall that his paws reach the counter tops!! Anyways i thought i would share a story about my amazing tuxedo cat! I love him with all my heart

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