My Cat, Sparkly

by karah
(westport In USA)

Hi i am telling you about my hilarious story about my cat. Hope you like it! my sister was sitting on the couch on her computer. I was on the floor watching t.v. My Cousin was in the kitchen making supper, my cat was in there too hoping to get a piece of food that might fall on the floor. When supper was ready she told my cat, Sparkly to come and get us. Of course she was just playing around. Well as i was saying, Sparkly meowed and walked into the living room where we were. My cat isn't allowed on the couch, so he stood i front of my sister looked straight at her and meowed. Once He got my sister to get up he came over to me and jumped on my stomach (he is a very big cat and, well ya know) and meowed. My cousin looked at him wide eyed and me and my sister were just laughing. IT WAS AMAZING!!

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Jan 20, 2011
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Karah,

I'm absolutely convinced that cats understand what we say. And sometimes they answer back! My cat Max is very vocal and sometimes meows back at me when I tell him something. It's so funny.

I think Sparkly was just doing what he was told! He's a very smart kitty. Thank you for sharing his story.

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