My bestfriend

by Janna

I was going through a rough time in my life. Almost to the point where I thought life couldn't get any worse. My friends wouldn't listen, my parents always seemed so distant, after the divorce. My ex boyfriend and I had a very rough break up. I felt like... No one understood me. And each morning I would wake up, I would just feel so lonley. It must have been a sign from God.. because on the day that I planned to stop living, and just give up.. I took a walk. To try to find ONE more reason to live. But I just couldn't. So as I was walking back home, from my hopeless walk... I came across a kitten. He looked as if he had been through as much as I had. In that moment, I didn't feel so alone. I felt connected to this feline. I felt like I had found my bestfriend, my saviour. The hope I was searching for had finally been found. I took the cat home, which was hard, because the cat wouldn't come to me. But finally, it gave in, and trusted me. Which made me feel beter than I have in months. When I got home I went up to my room, and just laid there with my new found kitten. My mother came up to my room and handed me a letter from the college I dreamed of always going to.. And it was an acceptance letter. The next day, I became friends with the man I am married to now. I started to see a new life, and ever since that one day. The one day that I found my precious kitten.. my life has been renewed. And which is why, my kitten, Miracle, is named Miracle. I love my cat, my bestfriend, my savior. MY HOPE WAS FOUND!

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Mar 06, 2012
by: Merlin's Mom/Groucho Grandma

I think Miracle is a perfect and fitting name. Thank goodness you didn't do something so tragic and final. I have lost a brother and a sister-in-law that way. Nothing was solved for them. They will never know a future.

I have often found that my kitties and doggies are my happy place. When things get too tough or stressful, I go to my happy place.

You can see Merlin's story with the white cats, and Groucho with the tuxedo cats. Soon I will add Pandora to the white cats and Minnie Pearl to the tuxedos. They are my newest family members.

If you get a chance, please add a picture of Miracle.

I'm so happy you stayed with the land of the living until it is your time to walk in the next world in heaven.

Mar 05, 2012
A true miracle indeed
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Janna,

What a wonderful and uplifting story. Miracles come to us in many guises. I'm so glad your life turned around after such a difficult time. I'm sure your cat Miracle brought with him many blessings. Thank you for sharing...

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