My beloved Mr . Boots!

by Kimberly Koester

I've always loved Tuxedo Cats.. In fact I have many collectibles and home decor of them I've collected over the years... Well Summer of 2013 I and a friend were walking in a neighborhood and noticed a young beautiful Tuxedo cat in front of a retirement home. I said hi and that was it.. He cried over and over again for at least 30 minutes and followed us everywhere!! He would not leave us alone and clearly had already "chosen" me.. Sure enough we asked the center and he was a stray they had been feeding for months...Well I knew I had to take him.. He was thin and definitely hungry.. So we walked to my car.. Of course he followed us...I opened the back door we got in the front and I said 'you coming kitty?' and he instantly jumped in the car as if needing to be invited!!.. I was not the least bit afraid and layer between us on the drive home purring the whole time!! He must have known it was his chance for a home! I fell in love and I think he was thinking jackpot! Pretty smart kitty.. He's adjusted perfectly and is a very sweet fun loving intelligent kitty.. He also is one of the most beautiful Tuxedos I've ever seen.. As you'll see in picture he looks eerily just like my ceramic cats!.. I still can't believe I found him.. I love you Mr. BOOTS!

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Jan 08, 2015
Great story
by: Anonymous

I hope you and Mr. Boots have many years together, it sounds like you both found each other

Dec 28, 2014
Mr Boots
by: Claudia

What a lovely story. It put a big smile on my face. Mr Boots is not only very smart, but very handsome, too. And that plant pot looks just like him!

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