My baby, Domino :)

by Miranda
(Clarksville, TN)

Domino used to be one of the many cats my mom had at her house and she was supposed to go with my sister whenever she moved out. Well, when I married my hubby, Domino fell in love with him and we decided to take her with us from MI to TN and keep her as our kitty. She is the most silly, crazy, ditsy, and adorable cat I've ever seen. She acts like a big baby and we usually treat her as one. Since we've been in TN, she seems to be more attached to me but she still loves my husband just as much. At night, she likes to be quite vocal and makes sure that you know she is joining you in the bed. Sometimes she'll walk all around the bed and climb over my husband just to get to me. It's very cute but sometimes annoying and it used to get to the point where we'd have to kick her out of the bedroom but I think she's learned now. She likes to kneed our heads while we sleep, too. It's so cute. :)

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Mar 25, 2014
my tux cats
by: Badd Catt

Well where to begin I have Three tux cats. The first one was born we named him Mr.Biggiums very long coat. Now in the the morning time Mr.Biggiums will step on my mom he will pull and bite the back of her hair to wake her up. now 2 years later he had 2 sons Niko boy is part tabby 15 pounds white with grey spots and my other baby boy is gummy bear or Mr. Gimmins also a tux cat he talks non stop loves to rub his face in your face. He'll meow really loud if you leave the water running or if the door is open very smart kittie.the next kitty was a rescue we named him bugz or stink bugs because he rubs his teeth on your face he's also a tux cat I also have 3 black cats very sweet loving and very friendly

Nov 08, 2013
Domino what a love!
by: Lindy in AZ

When my Tonk died a few months ago, the emptiness at the foot of my bed was overwhelming! Thanks goodness for my Tuxedo "Sneakers" who filled the void and instantly took over the pillow, gently touching my hair and head and soft sweet purrs to let me know all would be ok.
How lucky we are to have cats like Domino and other Tuxedos to remind us of the sweeter things in life and how precious that purr and touch is.

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