Mr. Lucky

by Shay Elliott
(Denver, CO)

Late August in Mississippi is to say the least - hot. I had turned into my street and saw traffic lined up in front of my house. All the cars were going around something in the street. It was a kitten...not even weaned....and looked dead in the road. I stopped my car going south - another lady stopped her car going north. I dashed into the house, got the dust scoop up the dead kitty. He moved. Not dead...just almost. The other lady parked and so did I.
We went in and nursed said kitty back to health until 4:00 a.m. Lady left me around midnight. At four....the movie on TCM was Mr. Lucky staring Cary Grant. My child is now 14 years old..and 13 lbs. And wears a tux at all times.

Shay Elliott
Denver, CO

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