MAD MAX was his name !!

by Tom
(Largo FL.)

" MAX "
A very vocal long haired tuxedo cat who had no problem letting me know his feelings one way or the other thus the name MAD MAX . Did not like riding in cars as a result mad max would cry out in loud and very clear cry that sounded exactly like {" why me " } all the way to the vet;s . MAD MAX lived any where he wanted at home , but mostly on my shoulders or my head and groomed my hair to his satisfaction in his own cat way . Max was into every thing and nothing got by , every and anything was an adventure to him . Max was an incredible friend , at nite when I came home MAX always met me at the end of the drive way ,to greet me in his Max way and the two of us go inside no matter what time or weather . The amazing thing about Max for the fourteen years we lived together Max always knew when to meet me and never missed with his very vocal greeting and loud purr , never missing a beat . He let me stay in his home as much as I wanted WOW WHAT A BUDDY !!

T K from connecticut

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Jun 20, 2013
Photo please
by: Ken

Please post a photo of him.

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