Macy Our Manx Tuxedo Cat

by Rivarat
(North Carolina,USA)

Macy is our baby girl Manx tuxedo cat. She is black body, has white on her nose and underbelly that goes out to each leg with little black puff of a tail. She is obedient like a dog. If she is out for her morning stroll all I have to do is lean out the door, call her name, and whistle. Then she comes running straight inside the house from where ever she was. She is much more obedient then two dogs (Rosie & Cooper) outside that are supposed to listen. She is shy at first but warms up to company. She is a very competent jumper and her back legs look similar to a rabbit. She can jump from the back of a lawn chair to the roof. Macy loves to hide but thinks she is hidden when she cannot see you. LOL!!! There is one or two times during each day that she gets a wild hair and goes wild where she will run through the house, up the wall, and gets her favorite toy and throws it up about 3 feet and catches it. Then other times she disappears and sleeps for about an hour or so. We adopted her from the animal shelter at 10 wks. Old and they had no idea what they had! But we love our Macy and especially her wild side.

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