Lucario- Story of a white cat

by Vania
(Kansas City, Kansas)

Lucario belongs to my grandma. My siblings and I visit her often and I sit around and be accompanied by her white cat I named Lucario. He's very special and I wonder what breed he is even though he has those beautiful, green eyes of a crocodile. He would follow me everywhere I'd go and mostly he would rub on me and gives me lots of love. Ever since our dog got adopted, it was rough, but when Lucario came along, it was love at first sight. I always tell him my problems and he completely understands me; I love him so much more than anything in fact, he can be funny and quite mischievous at some times (that bad, ol' cat). When he got hurt, I was terrified and I wanted to cry because he got a huge wound somewhere, but I was so blessed to see him all better and safe. I often worry about him. School will start soon and I miss him so much(he's not dead) that I want to be rubbed by his soft, warm fur. I breaks my heart to stay home and miss him.:( I'm going to be freshman also.

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Aug 20, 2011
Lucario the White Cat
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Vania,

I too believe that cats can understand our feelings and thoughts. It's wonderful that you can tell your problems to such a loving animal. I'm sure he knows how you feel, and in his own way, he sends you loving thoughts.

My cat Mia knew when I was feeling down and she would give me comfort by rubbing against me and sitting on my lap. She was a very loving cat and sometimes I too would share my concerns with her.

By the way, Lucario is a very unusual name. I like it.

Thank you for sharing Lucario's story. And best of luck with the upcoming school semester.

Aug 19, 2011
Sweet Lucario
by: yvonne

Hello Vania,

I have to say that Lucario is a special guy. You and Lucario have connected well and have a strong bond together.Cats are truly amazing creatures and very mysterious. I'd loved to see Lucarios beautiful green crocodile eyes. LOL!! I'm sure its hard not to see Lucario daily but I bet when the two of you do meet its love and affection while your visiting your grandma. Cats make great pets and are great for comfort,company,and they are very curious creatures to watch sometimes. I too have a white cat with blue eyes but she is deaf. She is on this website under Jenibelle. I love her so much and she stays indoors. When I stress I can go to Jenibelle for comfort. She is my pride and joy. I would like to see a picture of this lovely Lucario. Thank you for sharing you story.Many blessings to Lucario and your freshman year. Enjoy your freshman year.., it only comes around once :-))

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