Kiwi knew where to go...

by Margie
(Bronx, NY)

2010 has, so far, had a number of rough snowstorms. Before it all began, I noticed a little white cat that kept appearing on my doormat every morning bathing in the winter sun. I heard that we were going to get a big snowstorm so I compiled a big white box; made sure it was 'weatherproof' and supplied with a pillow, towel, an insulated curtain tailored for the opening with a slit for the cat to go in and out, and a bowl of dry cat food.

At first I thought he wouldn't get in the box but then he noticed it and started making it home. I would check it a few times to make sure he had enough dry food. I was waiting until I could afford to take him to the vet before letting him in the house. I already have a calico, Norwegian Forest cat, female, who is 9 years old so I was being careful.

I finally took him to the vet and made a few discoveries. First I thought the cat was a girl (it's a boy); I thought the cat was less than one year old because of the size (he's about 2 years old); and then I saw that he has one blue eye and one green eye. He's mostly white with a charcoal-colored spot on his back and the same color for his tail. He is the cutest thing and I named him Kiwi.

It seems he loves being inside with me and I haven't introduced him yet to my other cat, her name is Phoebe, because he still needs a few more shots and, plus, Phoebe, might not like the idea of having a little brother (she's been a Diva for 9 years).

Kiwi is a darling and loves to roll on the floor to be petted (I think he was a dog in another life...).

I feel honored to be a friend to Kiwi and happy he picked my porch to 'hang out'.

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Feb 09, 2011
Its a boy!!
by: Yvonne,Texas

Hello Margie
I enjoyed reading your story and find it funny that you discovered your girl was a boy. I had to find out the same way too. LOL! My sister has a white cat she calls Alexandria and calls her Alex for short. When Alex was a kitten she also had a black patch,but on her side that was shaped like a heart . Seriously like a heart. Alex's tail also had a black spot.Just the friendly and adorable. Now that Alex is going on two she has grown and the patch heart has stretched out that it no longer looks like a heart.LOL!!It warms my heart to know that you opened your heart for one more of God's little creatures.Please send us a picture of kiwi. All the best to you and your feline friends.

Feb 08, 2011
Kiwi is a prize and a prize winner
by: Jean from Tennessee

Thanks so much for your wonderful story. And thanks for rescuing Kiwi. I'm sure he will win over your resident diva with no difficulty, just as he won over you. You were chosen and he made an excellent choice! Please send us a picture when you can.

Feb 07, 2011
Winter cat
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Margie,

Your story is so heart-warming. I enjoyed reading it and imagining Kiwi inside his box. It was so wonderful of you to help this kitty, especially with the extreme weather we've been having in the North East (New York has been hit pretty hard). Kiwi definitely knew where to go - he's a smart cat for sure!

I agree that Kiwi should be introduced to his "big sister" gradually. After all, she's been the only cat for a long time. On a positive note, Kiwi seems very well-behaved. I'm sure they will get along.

Thank you for sharing!

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