Kitty Belle

by Gigi
(Sikeston, MO)

At 50+ years of age, I have been a pet parent to many dogs over the years, all of whom I've loved dearly, but for some reason I never thought that I was a "cat person." Then I was offered a beautiful little mackrel tabby kitten and it was love at first sight. Kitty Belle is now two years old and a whopping 7 lbs. She never ceases to amaze and entertain me. She runs to great me everytime I come home, insists on "booty rubs," and crawls under the covers with me every night for a few hour of cuddling. I had no idea cats made such wonderful companions. I've developed a new appreciation for all felines and make sure all the cats in the neighborhood have food, water and a warm place to sleep. Thank you Kitty Belle for coming into my life and opening my eyes to how special cats really are.

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