Jade - the black and white mischief maker

I came across her and her tiger sister Amber in the year 2000, they were 6 months old and abandoned behind a dog pound (tons of litters there!)...They were so sick from URI - I could barely see their eyes... These two were at the food bowl and I introduced myself, scooped them up and took them home... Jade is very vocal, and actually bosses her sister around a bit (I'm thinking Jade thinks that her sister is a bit of a bubble head lol!). Jade causes all types of mischief in the house, from taking down the fish bowl to being a dare devil in the laundry shoot - she always seems to be fearless with anything, but I ended up testing her once we bought a house and wanted to put the kitty litter in the basement... it took her about 3 weeks to overcome what she has hid all of her life .. she's afraid of heights!

Jade has a big heart. When our dog (who is a big boxer) gets in trouble for going through the garbage, she stands up for him (which is really odd to watch lol!)

They are turning 12 yrs old this April - they became a huge part of my life...When I found them, I was dealing with a terrible event in my life along with PTSD. I'd like to think that not only I saved their lives, they saved mine too.

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Mar 17, 2011
Jade -- a gem!
by: hean from Tennessee

Loved your stories of Jade. I'd love to see her and that Great Dane standing together -- can you send a picture of them?

Mar 01, 2011
by: Claudia - Admin

I'm so glad that Jade found a loving home and that you found a loving companion. Thank you for sharing Jade's story.

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