Issac my precious cat!!

by Victoria

Issac and Victoria

Issac and Victoria

One of my old cat had kittens and come to find out. The kitten i chose was an epyptian mau!! He is the sweetest most loveable cat and doesnt get near anyone, but me! He runs really fast and jumps up very high! He can jump all the way to my shoulders, and i'm 5'4. He goes around the house meowing. If i look at him and say, What? He will meow right back at me and then start playing with his toys. To get me to come over and play. He will pick up and hold his toy in mid-air on just 2 feet and then throw them around like a ragdoll. He is the most loyal cat i've ever had. I love him with all of my heart. I could go on all night about the cool and funny things he does. Thanks for listening to my story.
<3 Victoria

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Sep 29, 2010
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Victoria,

Issac is such a handsome kitty. I love the spotted look of the Egyptian Maus. He's so adorable. Thank you for sharing his antics and pictures!

By the way, I didn't receive the first picture - it didn't upload. So feel free to resubmit it (you can build a new page, too).

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