Isis Found Her

by Debbie
(Florence, Oregon)

It was getting dark one evening last September, so I went outside to call our Kitty, Isis, a sleek and beautiful tabby feline to come in, however when I went outside I heard a soft mewing sound coming in the direction of the tall spruce trees in the back of our home. As I grabbed a flashlight, Isis came strolling in but then followed me outside as I looked to where the soft mewing sound was coming from.

I spent about fifteen minutes going through the backyard but wasn't able to find anything so said to our kitty, Isis, "go find the kitty" and went back inside.

I heard my husband hollering from another room twenty minutes later that Isis was on the back deck and had something in her mouth. Since we were used to her bringing us live douglas squirrels every now and then, I didn't expect to find her carrying a very small black and white kitten. She must have taken me literally when I asked her to find the kitten.

The little bit of black and white fluff Isis brought home was a tuxedo and about six weeks old and to this day we have no idea how she ended up all by herself in the woods but we decided to name her Founder because Isis did indeed find her.

I have owned many cats in my life (or they have owned me) but I have never owned one so entertaining as Founder. She has no problem communicating with us and loves to play. One of her favorite toys is a furry mouse which she'll bring to me, drop at my feet and wait for me to throw it so she can fetch it, bring it back and wait for me to throw again. We play this game often and I usually end up getting tired before she does.

Founder seems to understand the English language. When I tell her, "time for bed", she runs to the bedroom and waits for me to get in bed so she can snuggle right next to me.

Founder's intelligence astounds me. And her sleek black fur shines like velvet when out in the sun. I didn't realize that the Tuxedo cat is known for their intelligence until I did a little bit of research on them. Even though we were quite content with the responsibility of one cat, we were eventually blessed with two. Lucky for us!

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Apr 10, 2011
Founder: A real keeper!
by: Jean from Tennessee

I really, really liked your story of Founder and Isis. Seems you were supposed to find this little kitty doesn't it? She sounds like a real treasure and I'm so happy you "Founder" and she found you!

Please keep us up to date on what goes on with Isis and Founder -- we will be anxious to hear more!

Apr 09, 2011
Isis Not Happy...
by: Debbie

Thank you for your comment. Initially, I believe Isis regretted bringing home this little fluff ball. She spent quite a few months hissing at her and I didn't realize cats own the emotion of jealousy until my vet said that jealousy is not that unusual with cats. Nowadays, I notice the two of them playing and while they aren't the best of friends yet, I still hold out hope that they will be in the future.

Apr 09, 2011
Isis and Founder
by: Claudia - Admin

Wow, what a heartwarming story. This is the first account I hear about a cat founding another cat. I'm sure that Isis and Founder are very good friends to this day.

And I'm not surprised to hear that Founder is so smart. Tuxedos are famous for their intelligence. Many also have dog-like qualities, such as playing fetch.

Thanks for sharing.

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