incredibly smart cat

My cat is a tuxedo cat, his name is shadow.
he must be the most affectionate cat iv heard of, he follows me around when i go out, he climbs to the roof to my bedroom window to get let in and sleeps in my bed, knowing i move in my sleep he sleeps on my pillow next to me.

Only thing is he has never been able to meow, well he can but you can only hear him if hes right next to you and it sounds like a kittens meow. Even though hes about 8 years old, that doesnt stop him though, he will just knock on the window or the door with his paws .

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Oct 05, 2011

I have a calico cat that is mostly white. She couldn't meow for the first 1 or so. My husband kept meowing at her determined to teach her. Eventually he could just whisper her name, Hershey, and she would open her mouth and attempt to meow. One day after about a year or so a meow came out. She can meow now, but quietly and sometimes there still is no sound. I love your story and would also love to see pictures of your Kool Kat.

Oct 04, 2011
by: Claudia - Admin


Shadow sounds like a very smart cat. Thank you for sharing. By the way, do you have pics of your cat you may like to share?

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