I'm in Love

by Dolly D. King-Rogers
(Plainfield New Jersey)

My new baby Aussie

My new baby Aussie

My new baby Aussie The first day we meet My little princess Cute as a button!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've ALWAYS loved dogs. I thought that cats were "stuck up". That's until a stray came to my door. My husband feed her and she just rub his legs and keep meowing for food. Then he sat on the porch and she jumped right into his lap. I just feel in love. I couldn't think about much else at work that night. When my husband and I came home that next morning I immediately looked for her. My husband had warned me that she may not come back. I was devastated when she hadn't shown up by 11:00am. I had to get to bed soon. Heavy hearted, I layed down and my husband seeing my sadness went to check one last time. I jumped up out of bed because I could hear him saying here kitty kitty. The silly cat was in the abandoned house next door. Now I was fit to be tied!!!! How were we going to get her out???? My nephew(I love him for this) went into the house through an opened window in the basement and brought her out. That was it. I was going to have my first cat at age 40. Bad thing was we waited to long to get the litter box. I didn't think something so small and cute could stink so bad. I just love her sooooo much. She's finally warming up to us. I'm just glad we could give her a warm loving home. Now the vet bills are another story. Who knew pets could be so expensive?????????? We've had her since 10/08/2010.

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Oct 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

awww, your husband very kind..he realise you feel miss cat...but make sure cat who belong from someone? or belong you?

maybe someone worried about cat?

I remeber I found kitten last 2001, I saw kitten very poor dirty hair and no foods..she stay on the street and look at me her face look sad...I wonder who belong kitten?

I not know who I give up take kitten go home..my mum and dad not happy too many cat oop..because they got three cats and not want more cat enough.

I wonder who really love cat from next door she was really madly love a lots cats..I knock her house ask her if you can have it and I explain her what happen..she said aww poor kitten..she can have it and she always look after kitten...

3 years later I went her house see her cat very beautifull long hair and clean..she remeber me impossible..she love me a lots.. she shock how you do hug cat and accept pick up hold your arm..I said what wrong? cat not like them pick her up and hold arm..I said opp..mean cat want thank to me save her life.

now she still alive and very well.

Oct 16, 2010
Saucy Aussie
by: Jean from Tennessee

I've always heard cats pick their humans, not the other way around. It happned with me and it obviously happened with you and your husband as well. Aussie is a lucky little kitty. She showed much wisdom in one so young when she picked you two! Congratulations to the whole family and many happy years together!

P.S. I had always believed I was a "dog person" and would NEVER become a "cat person". I bet you always thought the same thing didn't you? It's funny how things work out isn't it? ;<)

Oct 15, 2010
What a Cutie!
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Dolly,

Aussie is soooo cute. I'm so glad that she's found a loving home. It was all worth it... even the vet bills - they can be quite high!

I love all the pics. She's so lovely.

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