im confused what is my cat

by Ashley Hassler
(phoenix Arizona )

she is about 5 to 6 weeks pointy ears, blueish green eyes, pink noes

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Oct 26, 2011

I felt like you did when we adopted Merlin, Yuki and Suga. That's what led me to this wonderful site. The explanation at the top of this blog gave some really good info. I looked up the breeds that are listed above and tried to decide if any of their features fit any of them. I settled on two interesting facts. The domestic cat is so interbred in our country that most, like my 3, are just that, domestic short-haired white cats (I've also seen them listed as American Domestic Short-Hair). But they have one special thing I love that is unique to white cats. As baby's, you can sometimes see one black hair which has interesting facts. All three of mine had it. I wanted to pluck it out because it marred their perfect white pelt. I'm glad I didn't. Not only would they have objected, but it is part of their make-up. Our administrator of this website explains it better than I can, but the info is in this website.

Oct 10, 2011
Type of Cat?
by: Claudia - Admin


Can you give us a little more details, maybe share a picture of your kitty?


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