Hurley (the fatty)

by Nicolette
(Los Angeles, CA United States)

Hurley on the couch with Scooby

Hurley on the couch with Scooby

Hurley is your average cat (but just a tad more special)
He was the runt of the litter as a kitten..... look at him now! He is a little over 20 pounds. He is a BIG lover!!!

He sleeps with me at night. I will put a pillow above my pillow, and he sleeps on the one above me. He snores so loud! He loves yogurt. After I eat the yogurt, whatever is left he licks it clean.

When he was young him and another kitten we got from the litter, were trouble makers. They liked to scratch everything mostly furniture. My mother was fed up so she sent my baby's to go live with my uncle where his back yard off the porch deck was a canyon. Hurley loved people so he stayed by the door instead of exploring, unlike his brother. I begged for weeks to get them back and my mom gave in... as always :) HAHAHA but when we went for them we could only find Hurley. We expected the worse for his brother :( Hurley is like my child I could not live without my baby. I love him soo much and he is healthy and loving still today, at the age of 7.

Hurley behind my other cat Roxy/his wife

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Aug 11, 2010
Dannon or Yoplait?
by: Anonymous

Like your cat Hurley, my cat Star gets to lick the yogurt cup every night ... her favorite flavor is any of the berry flavors: blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, mixed berry, etc. But all flavors are perfectly acceptable and welcome! I love the image of Hurley sleeping on a pillow above your pillow too!

Aug 04, 2010
Big Kitty
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Nicolette

Hurley is so cute! I love big kitties. My Max is 18 lbs (he lost some weight), so I know that big kitties mean big love.

Hurley seems so contented. He knows he is loved. Thank you so much for sharing his story and pictures.


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