Huey & Duey

by Kelly Morgan

I have twin boys Huey & Duey and have owned them since they were about 9 wks old. They have stuck together like they were conjoined. Huey is very affectionate and friendly while Duey is a little more reserved. Duey is the vocal one out of the group and has no trouble voicing his opinion. Huey takes his big brother role very seriously. He is always keeping his little brother out of trouble and he always beats him at hide and seek. They keep a lot of activity around the house but have trained themselves to go to bed promptly at 10:30 every night! I love my boys! They grow bigger everyday and do not like to be separated. They adapt easily to their environments and are very reserved. They aren't high maintenance at all. They enjoy playing with a plastic bag for hours rather than playing with the expensive toys at the pet store. Duey loves getting a manicure and demands his litter box to be cleaned daily (well with 3 cats I can understand how he feels....)

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Oct 10, 2011
Dynamic Duo
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Kelly,

One cat is great, two is twice the fun! And it's always so interesting to realize that even twins have very distinctive personalities. My Max and Mia were part of a set of triplets and they were very different. It was so much fun seeing them grow together. Reading your story brings back happy memories.

Thank you for sharing.

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