Gracie, my little "dog" cat

by ACE

Gracie is the 2nd of 3 kittens that I rescued from my workplace. Never had a "tuxie" before and now can't imagine living without one. She is the most affectionate cat, always talking and chortling out soft mews of welcome whenever and wherever she is. She's my little "dog" for many traits she exhibits. Our morning routine is "Gracie, let's go get the paper" and she's at the side door ready to bound down the driveway with me to the paperbox. Then back up with several head scratches on the way. She follows me everywhere and when she is let in from outside, immediately comes looking for me and puts the paws up on my knee or leg, gives a soft mew, gets a head scratch and she's content. She has several small sparkly toys that she loves to play fetch with. She thinks plopping down on my legs at night (loves to sleep with her head always propped up) is the best thing in the world. AND she absolutely adores belly rubs and a bit of fluffy rub and patting much like a dog enjoys. We've had some wonderful cats over 45 years but none have found their way into my heart like Gracie.

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