Ghost Cat keeps on truckin'

by Janice Lemaire
(Woodstock, Georgia)

My white cat came through my cat door 23 years ago as a stray to join my family of two black cats. I was sleeping one Sunday morning, as usual with my two black cats, and awoke to a "vision" of a white cat at the foot of my bed. He had just entered the house and climbed in bed with the rest of us. G. C. is his name and stands for Ghost Cat. He was an indoor-outdoor cat for many years, and has been kept inside for the last 4 years because there are coyotes in our new location. He barely meows, is quite large with a magnificent long full tail and short hair. He has one blue eye and one green one, and is not deaf. He is the alpha cat, but in a quiet unassuming way. Several other cats have come and gone, died of old age or sickness, but G.C. just keeps on going. He is very loving, active and playful, and I know he is 23 years of age because I know when he came to live with us.

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Oct 04, 2011
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Janice,

I'm so glad to hear that GC has lived a long life with a loving family. My cat Max is 13 years old and I wish he'll live as long as Ghost Cat.

Thank you for sharing!

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