by susan

Gabriel would come to be my third white cat. All three white cats crossed my path on their own. I have never gone searching for one. Ceasar was my first, he was the only white kitten in a litter of calicos. I saw him and fell in love he was by my side for 17 years. Losing Ceasar was devastating. Three months after losing him, a white cat appeared on my door step. A gift from God...I named him Winter and he too became my constant companion. After the loss of Winter I was working at an animal hospital and one day a young man approached with a white kitten in his arms telling me he needs a home for him, well I don't have to say where he slept that night. My Gabriel, came into my life when it was in turmoil and saw me through the storm. I just lost my dear friend of 18 years and he was my angel. I believe God sends his love to us in all forms. The spirit of Cesar, Winter and Gabriel will soon find me again and I will embrace him with open arms.

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