Full Moon

by Krystle
(Nineveh, Ny, USA)

My feline became pregnant at the beginning of the summer. She is a darker tri-colored tabby. This last full moon about a week ago (August) I knew she was going to pop; she was extra huge and lazy that day (normally she is full of energy, even being pregnant). Sure enough at 1 am, under the huge full moon shinning through the window, I awoke to little "mews" in the big box she made her nest. i looked in and there were 2 white little babies. i thought wow, thats kinda neat she had 2 white ones, twins,so cute! i knew there would be more babies to come, so I headed back to bed, only to awake again at 6am for work. so as i headed my sleepy self to the shower, I was curious and I checked in the box, eyes half asleep still, I was expecting maybe quite a few bc she looked like she swallowed a watermelon, but never did I expect to see 7 Pure White kittens! my eyes definitely opened up in surprise! they looked like little white mice, so small and adorable! All of them have doubled in size in the last week and are doing great so far! They have the best mama cat ever, she is very sweet and lovable! She will be spayed soon after the adoption process begins so she can enjoy the rest of her life without the toms chasing her!

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