Franklin the Social Catterfly

by Nicole
(Phoenix, AZ)

I found Franklin 3 years ago when he was one week old. I took him to the Humane Society but they said that they would just put him down. I decided to keep him until he was old enough to adopt out. They gave him a free check from the vet and sent me with a big bag of supplies and instructions on how to raise a baby kitty. My husband and I took turns bringing him to work so that he could be fed and "pooped" on schedule. Needless to say, he became a true member of the family and even visits "Daddy" after my husband and I separated. He enjoys coming with me when I run errands and drapes around my shoulders when we take walks around the block. He even calls me "Mama" and all who have heard it will swear in a stack of bibles that he does. We used to have neighbors who had a hyper teacup Chihuahua who loved to play with Frank and now he thinks all Chihuahuas are his friends; he will not hesitate to approach one with friendly purrs and sniffs. He also gets excited and has too be part of the action when my little boys wrestle and playfight in the house. He's just the sweetest, most social cat I've ever known.

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