Crazy fetching "Fuzzball"

by Cathy Alcantar
(Richmond, Va.)



I found my baby at my moms house. He was about 3 weeks old when I started to care for him. My husband has "never" been a cat lover. My son and I pleded and begged and made all kinds of propositions to keep him, unfortunately he stayed firm with "no". We would bring him in the house during the day and play with him, and feed him and we decided to call him "Fuzzball". One day when it was raining, hubby walked in and I completely forgot about Fuzzball in the house. Fuzzball was about 1 1/2 months old now, as soon as my husband talked Fuzzball shot around the corner like a bat out of hell and jumped right on him. It was hilarious! My husband didn't know what to do, I told him just to pick him up and pet him, Fuzzball started purring and that was it. My husband has never liked, owned or wanted anything to do with cats but somehow Fuzzball "changed" him in the flick of a switch. Fuzzball is almost 3 years old now and he and my husband are inseparable. My husband has taught Fuzzball to fetch Q-tips (which he loves). Fuzzball is so crazy if I didn't know better I'd think he was a dog. One day he drug a newspaper upstairs one step at a time, he has been known to take the loaves of bread off the table and demolish it, and he's carried my sons packed sandwich around the house one day. Fuzzball even got into a bag of marshmallows and ate a few, he is quite the character. Needless to say he sleeps on dads side of the bed, he is always two steps behind hubby where ever he goes in the house. He greets hubby at the door when he gets home, and lets hubby do pretty much anything he wants with him such as, bathing, clipping nails, hubby has also trained Fuzzball to "stay or lay" just by pointing and snapping his finger. It's really quite cool, our friends and family are "awed" by this. We absolutely love our Tuxedo baby Fuzzball and hope to share many more years with him. He definitely has a mind of his own and makes sure whoever comes in the house knows he's there. I could go on and on but he truly has earned his place in my family and in our hearts, I have always been a cat lover but have never had a cat like Fuzzball.

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