Could have had 2.

by kolbpilot
(Hpt., Va.)

While working at a equipment rental store another employee asked if I'd seen the 2 kittens outside? I had not, so went out and spied 2 white kittens no more than 6 weeks old. Brother & sister. The female was instantly friendly, the male wary & hissed at me. The next day, hoping they might be gone, I spied the female & took her home with me. That was 11 years ago. She has never been sick, hears fine, has yellow eyes. Having her spayed made her skittish towards all but me afterwards but she is a sweet cat. As time goes by I always feel sorry for her brother, I'm sure he was around that day, I just didn't go look for him (not that I was planning to take the other one either) and never saw him again. Feral cats lead hard lives and I doubt he lasted a year or two. Can't save the world I guess but still feel sorry for the less lucky ones.

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