Chinese Cats

Here are some unique Chinese cats – the beauty of felines paired with
the beauty of Chinese art.

What is so special about Chinese cat art? Felines make fantastic sources
of inspiration. It is no wonder that their unique beauty makes a perfect motif
for works of Chinese art.

The pieces shown below capture the elegance
and subtlety of their subjects. Needless to say, these cat-inspired Chinese
paintings make wonderful gifts for cat lovers.

Fun Facts about Chinese Art

  • Brush painting and calligraphy are two types of Chinese

  • Guo Hau, which means "native painting," is a type of Chinese painting
    that uses natural ink instead of oils. It also uses the same techniques
    used in calligraphy. However, Guo Hau also uses colored ink.

Paintings of Chinese Felines

These gorgeous works are brought to you in affiliation with: - Chinese Art Store - Chinese Artworks.

Enjoy life… the feline way

Chinese Cat Painting, No Thoughts No Worries

Wall scroll depicting a beautiful blue-eyed cat

Chinese Cat and Goldfish Painting Wall Scroll

Two cats

Chinese Brush Painting of Two Cats Under Grapevine

Cat in repose

Chinese Masters Cat Brush Art Painting

Burst of color

Chinese Painting of a Cat and Yellow Fruits

Cat with flowers

Cat and Flowers Chinese Painting on Rice Paper

A couple of kitties

Cats and Red Flowers Chinese Brush Painting

A game of cat and mouse

Cat and Rat Chinese Painting

Those gold fish look yummy

Cat and Gold Fish Chinese Scroll Painting

Cats with butterfly

Cat Throws Itself at Butterfly Chinese Charcoal Drawing

Fun Chinese-cat stuff

  • In 2007, a woman in China reported that her cat had grown wings.
    But scientists indicated that the kitty was not a "cat angel". These
    "wings" were rather a congenital deformity.
    Read the full article.

  • Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat is a popular children’s book by
    Amy Tan. It follows the adventures of Sagwa, a member of a royal
    family of cats. The book and its popularity inspired an animated series,
    which aired on PBS Kids. This TV series consisted of 40 episodes.

  • The Chinese money cat (also known as the Chinese lucky cat) is a
    variation of the popular Maneki Neko, the Japanese lucky cat.

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