by John Rutherford

I got Chaser in 1996 as a kitten. She got the name Chaser from the fact she would chase after wrapped peppermint candy from Pizza Hut and slide into walls chairs and would bring the candy right to my hand. She had her our personality she wasn't a rear affectionate only when she wanted it. Chaser was very jealous of any other animals when it came to me, she would mess on the outside of he litter box when she was mad at me. Chaser was a very close and dear friend to me she lived to be a little over 18 years old and her quality of life was failing her it was the hardest thing in my life but could not watch her suffer. On the day of May 30,2014 I had Chaser put rest. I made her a wooden box and buried her with one piece of peppermint candy I Loved Chaser very much She will be missed

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