Cat Perch

A cat perch is a fun piece of feline furniture your cat will absolutely love.

Cats enjoy perching on high places. A perch allows them to enjoy their surroundings from a vantage point.

Indeed, climbing comes naturally to cats. They just can’t resist jumping on top of your furniture.

So, a perch can also help you protect your furniture by providing your cat with a fun alternative.

A perch will not only delight your cat, but also it will provide an extra place for your furry friend to take long naps or just hang out.

Cat Window Perches

cat sitting on chairMost common cat perches are cat window perches. These pieces allow your cat to monitor the outdoors while safely remaining indoors. Your kitty will have the best of both worlds! Your cat will enjoy watching birds and squirrels from a comfortable spot.

Just make sure that the perch is mounted correctly and that the window is secured.

Additional Options

You can also find perches that can be placed anywhere.

Usually, these pieces stand alone and some look like cat trees but have platforms and pads for your cat to perch on. This feature provides your cat with an extra, comfortable space to relax and nap in.


Sweetheart Perch
-- Most perches come with scratching surfaces.

-- Some cat perches come with hanging and swinging features for extra fun.

-- If you have several cats, it might be a good idea to have as many perches as you have cats. Having different perches (preferably of different heights) helps multiple cats establish their individual territories.

-- If you have multiple cats but can't have multiple perches, a multi-tier perch is the perfect solution. Different heights will allow your cats to establish separate territories.

-- Even if you only have one cat, a multi-level perch will absolutely delight him or her. He or she might never want to come down!

-- You can even find perches that go all the way to the ceiling!

-- Some online stores carry perches especially designed to be used outdoors. This is definitely a great option if you have an outdoor cat.

-- Some perches also have enclosed spaces and tunnels for your cat to hide in.

-- You can also find perches with ramps and stairs. These are great features for older and/or disabled cats.

Find Additional Information on Window Perches Here

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