Cat Carriers

what to look for when shopping for a carrier

Looking for cat carriers? Here you will find tips and ideas to help you choose the right cat carrier for your feline friend.

Having a good pet carrier makes those visits to the vet a lot easier. A carrier also comes in handy when dropping your cat off to the groomer or to a pet hotel. More important, if you are traveling either by car or by plane a pet carrier, or crate, is a definite must. Pet carriers also make a great present for any cat lover, and for you too!

So... what do you have to look for when shopping for the right carrier? First, decide which type of carrier your cat (and you) need.

Consider the size of your cat. For example, if you have a large cat you would need to buy a carrier that is big enough to accommodate him or her.

If you plan to travel, a crate made of hard and durable materials would be a better choice, especially when traveling by plane. Remember that the pet carrier you choose must also meet airline requirements. Go to our page about airline pet carriers for more information.

If you’d like to transport your cat more easily, a pet stroller or a cat carrier on wheels makes a great choice.

Other important factors to keep in mind:

  • Pet carriers should be made of long-lasting, durable materials.

  • Crates and carriers should also be safe. Make sure that the latch locks properly.

  • Carriers and crates should provide enough space for your cat to move inside it.

  • Make sure that the carrier you choose provides enough ventilation.

  • Carriers should be easy to clean.

  • Again, if you plan on traveling by plane make sure you buy an airline approved cat-carrier.

There are two main types of cat carriers:

Marchioro Aran Cat Carrier

Crates or hard-sided carriers

These carriers are made of hard, strong materials. These provide your cat with safety and security. These carriers are a good choice if you have a larger, heavier cat. Luckily, you can find crates in different sizes.

If you plan to travel by plane, a hard carrier is usually better in my opinion. However, most airlines accept carriers of softer material.

Bitty Bag Soft Pet Carrier
Soft-sided carriers

These carriers are made of softer materials. Again, make sure they are comfortable enough for your cat to lie down and turn around inside it. These types of carriers should also provide enough ventilation.

Other types of carriers:

Carriers on wheels

Some online stores offer this versatile type of carrier. It is made of softer materials and it has wheels! Some look like backpacks on wheels and others look like pieces of luggage. Some of these pieces can be folded and stored away very easily too.

Four Paws Fresh Air Pet Stroller - Blue

Pet Strollers

These carriers look like baby strollers and they allow you to transport your cat very easily. The ones I’ve seen on different online stores are collapsible, which is great for easy storage. Very convenient indeed!

Cardboard carriers

You may have also seen carriers made of cardboard. This type of carrier is mostly used for kittens and puppies, though they can be used to carry adult cats as well.

Cardboard carriers are inexpensive and they’re a good option for a quick visit to the vet or when moving from one house to another. However, these carriers are not durable and can get dirty more quickly.

Cardboard carriers are great to bring home a new kitten.

Airline Approved Cat-Carrier - An approved airline pet carrier is a must if you want your cat to fly with you. Fortunately, you will find a wide variety of pet carriers that meet airline regulations.

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