Boswell the cat who stole my heart.

by Debbie
(Plain City,Ohio)

I became a parent to my daughter's tuxedo cat,Boswell when she adopted a chug dog. The dog and Boswell became arch enemies and I became the parent to Boswell. Boswell was a wonderful cat who I fell in love with. He would lick my toes while I was eating breakfast. He would snuggle with me when I would rest on my bed. He loved my puggle Winnie and they would lick each other. Boswell got sick a week ago with labored breathing and loss of weight. Two days ago My daughter and I took him to my Vet and it was decided he was in heart failure. We stroked Boswell as they put him to sleep and it was agonizing to watch,but we wanted to pet him and comfort him during his last minutes. I have mourned the loss of this cat and still cry when I think about him. I will never forget Boswell the six-toed Tuxedo Cat!

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