by katherine

boots-a tuxedo cat with a white mustache-chose me as his owner. i was shopping at pet smart and was looking at the kittens in the cages and this little black/white kitten that looked like he had a tuxedo on stuck his paw out of the cage and touched my shoulder and meowed-i was hooked i took boots home that day and i am so glad i did!!
he is a rascal but his compacity to love is overwhelming i have had boots almost 10 yrs and i hope to have more yrs enjoying his perks and personality. i tell my husband that if clark gable had been a cat-he would have looked like our boots!!!! boots loves to get on top of our fridge and watch us go crazy looking for him. he likes to play with socks and has been seen to knock things off the table and dresser so that he may lay down. boots loves empty boxes. he likes to lay in one and hide. we have screen day i found boots sitting at one of our screen doors looking at another cat almost nose to nose!!!! they both just decided to lay down and stared at each other for a while-no meowing, no hissing
there are so many heart warming stories of boots-i could go on all day!!!

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