Booboo Kitty

by Lola

I have a tuxedo cat (along with a Appleheaded Siamese).

His name is Booboo. Booboo is very smart and very vocal.

He enjoys to open up doors, run around with his brother (my other cat), and sing to me.

Booboo is extremely smart, he opens up doors\closets. He also knows what time to wake me up. If I sleep beyond 12:00 he nips any part of my body that is showing.

Booboo is also very hyper, he enjoys to play with string and play 'tag' with me. (Tag is me patting him on the head and then running away and he chases after me.)

Booboo is very vocal, he sings to me and let's me know when he wants food.

My friend whom house sits with me says that when I'm gone he runs up to my bedroom door and meows at it, also trying to open it but my door handle is locked. (He thinks i'm inside of my bedroom.)
Also Adding onto when I said he was extremely smart, when i'm gone he meows "Mama". He most likely got it from my 5 year old son saying it to me.

In conclusion, I love my Tuxedo cat and I would recommend you to get this 'breed'.

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