Blanco, a Spanish love story

Blanco is a solid white, medium haired, yellow eyed, male cat. Blanco was born in Puerto Rico, and was adopted by my neighbor who was visiting Puerto Rico. Blanco adopted me, and my neighbor agreed to let me be his person. Blanco is completely deaf, but has unique ways of communicating. One is head butting my hand. Blanco has a sister cat, Coconut, who is also solid white with golden eyes. Coconut is not deaf, and is good company for Blanco. I love them both dearly.

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Mar 23, 2010
I love your love story...
by: Claudia - Admin

and your kitties' names.

I'm glad Coconut is there for Blanco. Cats in pairs are so much fun, I think.

Thank you for your contribution.


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