Biscuit's Love

by Margaret Whaley
(Rose Hill, NC)

Right before Christmas,2009, we found to our surprise a perfectly white kitten in our garage. She was sleeping with our little dog in his bed. Whenever anyone went out of the door into the garage, the kitten would scurry under the riding lawn mower. Finally, after about a week of avoiding us, my daughter caught the kitten and brought her inside our house. She had a few black hairs on the top of her head and was so skittish that hardly anyone could touch her. In a few days she fell absolutely in love with my husband. He has never been a great cat lover, but she would climb into his lap and then lie with her head facing him. She would then chew upon the buttons on his shirt and take her paw and tap his neck or check. He would then rub her head causing her to purr loudly while closing her eyes with each stroke. She has finally, after living inside almost two years, decided that maybe she will let my daughter and I pet her just a little, but my husband is still the love of her life. Since then, the black hairs have completely disappeared and she is snowy white. She is also extremely fat and weighs about twelve pounds even though she runs and plays every night for at least thirty or forty minutes. She has gold oval shaped eyes and is absolutely beautiful. She loves to eat corn on the cob. She will put both front paws on the corn to hold it down while she gnaws the kernels off. That's a sight to see! She also has an awful habit of biting any papers she sees. She will bite the edge of the paper and then spit the paper out. You can see little shredded pieces around the edge of her eaten paper and also on the floor. She is one mischievous kitty and we all love her. I wish I had a picture to download, but at this time I don't have one.

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Oct 10, 2011
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Margaret,

What a beautiful story. I had to laugh when I read that Biscuit adopted your husband as her human, even though he wasn't a cat lover (I bet he is now, at least he must love one special kitty). I also enjoyed reading about how she loves eating her corn. So cute! Cats can be quite deft.

Thank you for sharing.

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