Bella: The Bug Hunter

by Grace

My white cat named Bella, who is almost two years old, is a natural at catching and eating bugs. After a while, we took this for granted. That's when one day, we saw her with a Dragon Fly in her mouth. I said that right, a DRAGON FLY. I did not want her to eat it, so I tried to let it go, but its wing was broken, so I set it out on a plant to rest. My cat must have lethally hurt it, because it soon died.

Two days after, I found another Dragon Fly on the floor of my living room, which was already dead. I keep both of the Dragon Flies in a box lined with cotton balls to this day.

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Oct 04, 2010
by: Becky

I also have a bug eating cat. Her name is Shelle. When I found her she was totally emaciated, but now is pure white and beautiful. Flies don't stand a chance in my apartment! She catches them with her paws and plays with them until she eats them. I found her right after the tragic death of Michael Jackson and due to her large white paws I named her Michelle after him. (Shelle for short.) She joined our family and after a short period of adjustment she was accepted by my other 3 cats. Now we're just one big family.

Thank you for letting me share.


Aug 11, 2010
Yummy Bugs!
by: Anonymous

My white cat Star likes to catch bugs too. She doesn't go outside so has to settle for "house bugs" ... mostly the long legged spiders we called "Daddy LongLegs" when we were kids. But I have also seen her catch moths and flies that have gotten in when the door is opened as we go in and out.

I love to watch her as she spots the future prey and does her "White Hunter" thing!

Aug 07, 2010
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Grace,

Thank you for sharing Bella's unique talent. Most cats love hunting bugs, mice and other critters. And they're very good at it. I never heard of cats hunting dragon flies, though. But I think that if it moves and flies, cats we'll go after it.

By the way, I love your cat's name.

Thanks again for sharing.

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