Bad kitty

I have a pure white kitten when we got her she had blue eyes now she is 6 months old and her eyes are yellow. I have 2 other cats, they were nothing like sookie kakes (the white kitty) she is mean and very energetic. But so darn cute, she became the princess of the house!

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Jan 28, 2011
"Bad" -- Totally awesome
by: Jean from Tennessee

I'm sure "bad" was used affectionately. Bad as in mischievous, impish and always surprising, I'm confident. And I know some folks use "bad" in a good way, meaning "great. I think white cats can' help themselves: they ALL consider themselves better than other cats, or than their humans. It's in their genes.

Love these diva white cats!

Thanks for your cute story.

Jan 28, 2011
bad kitty?
by: Anonymous

why bad kitty? all world cats same as people have problem health or eyes or deaf or wheelchair all different problem...

god test you how you feel support or not? I love all poor animal and pet and people who blind or deaf or wheelchair...that how god was happy see me control all of those...

why said bad? that is nature world..myself deaf and I got three cats and one dog and two kids. I know it is not easy for money spend feed them,i hope your cats is be okay...i hope you support cats

old time history all animals live wilds if they have problem health who look after them? nobody. now future people found them health problem animals take them hospital or vet...lucky.

Jan 27, 2011
Sookie Kakes
by: Claudia - Admin

Sounds like your kitty is indeed quite the feline princess, or should I say a feline diva?

Thanks for sharing!

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