Baby Girl

by Duane

I rescued my beautiful Tuxedo Cat from the local shelter. Last June, there was a fire threatening the local shelter. Therefore, a lot of people showed up to temporarly take the animals until the fire was contained. I helped my mother take, to her house, some dogs and kittens. I have a Flamepoint Siamese at home, but I knew that he was lonely when I was away at work, or elsewhere.

I instantly fell in love with the kittens, but I knew I could only take one of them. Also, I needed a female, because Washer (my Flamepoint) is not too fond of other males. I looked through the litter, and I instantly became attached to the Tuxedo Kitten. I brought her home, set up a large crate, food, water, a litter box, and slowly introduced her to Washer. They took to each other within a week. Two weeks later, she was ready to free roam.

She is very affectionate and sleeps with me on most nights. I really don't need an alarm clock. She wakes me up every morning to feed her. She is awesome and gets along great with Washer. I am glad I adopted her. Unfortunately, her litter mates were euthanized, immediately, upon return to the shelter.

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